Minutes: October 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in The Rising Sun

on 16th October 2017


Present: Councillors:          Mike Coleman (Chairman)

Chris Leaper (Vice-Chair)

Cllr.Nick Church.

Cllr.Janet Jeffrie

Cllr. Sheila Bligh

District Councillor Trevor Bartlett

10 Members of the public.

Pat Coleman(Clerk),



No changes to declarations were made.


The Chairman and Cllrs. Wished Cllr. Church a speedy recovery after his recent surgery.



Cllr. Bartlett spoke about various items and these included:  Cllr.Paul Watkins stepping down as Leader of DDC. The new Leader will be Cllr. Keith Morris.

DDC Helpdesks in Deal, Sandwich and Aylesham have closed, this is due to the decline in facilities and each office needed 2 people on duty.  Whitfield and Gateway Dover town remain open.

Homelessness in the DDC area has risen and at the end of the year there will be an overspend.

DDC are investigating the Travellers that have moved into Westmarsh.

The Local Plan date has been put back.

The Internal Drainage Board is to take over responsibility of the waterways from the Environment Agency.

The Leisure Centre had a Ground Breaking Ceremony and Cllr. Sue Chandler did the’ first dig’.  Work has now started.

Lidl is hoping to open before Christmas.



The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to Councillors and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

All Agreed.




VARIOUS POTHOLES: Most have been attended to. Work to the drainage at Fern Cottage has been added the the KCC schedule.




DEFIBRILLATORS:  A defibrillator and cabinet have been ordered and will be put into the bus shelter at the Rising Sun.  Cllr. Leaper has arranged for the supply of electricity.  As soon as the Telephone Kiosk has been painted and repaired at West Stourmouth a further defibrillator and cabinet will be purchased.  ONGOING




AREA AROUND THE NOTICEBOARD:  There is still some work to be carried out. ONGOING


SPEED LIMITS: Copies of all correspondence has been sent to Sue Chandler.  Clerk ONGOING


BENCHES: Cllr. Church spoke about the PC purchasing a seat for the List and the seat that Mick Bowers has offered to provide we will seek permission from the Environment Agency to see is this can be put by the river.  CLERK  ONGOING.



There was still concern about overgrown hedges in West Stourmouth.  KCC have advised that if they deal with these the owner will be charged. ONGOING




Disabled friendly footpath across the list.









All of the following have again been reported to KCC

  • Fault Number: PROW301222:
  • Footpath PROW289975: EE131 broken posts.
  • West Stourmouth Broken Sign Post:
  • The blocked By-Way at Heronsgate – West Stourmouth that has a tree across it.
  • Overgrown vegetation covering the chevron at Beggars Corner.
  • The Stourmouth sign that has gone missing near Church Lane. This has been reported to the police and KCC.  KCC  will investigate as to whether they can provide a replacement and get back to us.  (28 days)




Various items of correspondence had been circulated to Councillors before the meeting.

Other items were emails from the MS Centre advising of a Quiz at the Rising Sun on 1st December and various other functions taking place.

Ash PC Plan – Cllrs. Had no comments to make.



Payments made since the last meeting.

Stripy Lawns (2) £129.00                   Proposed Cllr. Leaper. Seconded Cllr. Jeffrie. AGREED

Ladywell Accountancy £35.00           Proposed Cllr. Church. Seconded Cllr. Bligh. AGREED

HMRC – £175.00                                  Proposed Cllr. Church. Seconded Cllr. Jeffrie.  AGREED

Cheques for Authorisation:

Clerks Salary £700.00                        Proposed Cllr. Church. Seconded Cllr. Jeffrie. AGREED

Payment for Broadband £90.00        Proposed Cllr. Jeffrie. Seconded Cllr. Church.  AGREED

Renewal of McAfee £59.99.               Proposed Cllr. Church.  Seconded. Cllr. Leaper. AGREED



Erection of a detached dwelling with integral annexe.  Formation of a new vehicular access – Land at Little Stour Orchard,

Church Lane.  Cllrs. Had previously visited the site and had no comments to make.

Erection of a rear Dormer Roof extension together with a Front Porch. Lake Cottage, East Stourmouth.  No comments to make.

Part Change of use for stationing of two ‘Glamping Vans’, Little Stour Orchard, West Stourmouth. This was discussed and members of the public made comments.  The applicant was at the meeting and gave assurances in relation to noise and traffic.  He stated that his target was ramblers and to place the ‘glamping vans’ at specified spots.  He also stated that the plan to live on site would give control over occupants.  A view was put that any assurances unless applied as conditions to the application would amount to nothing.  A real concern was about a precedent being set for a larger caravan site and a previous experience with Champing in West Stourmouth had not been a good one.  It was established that paragraph 2.2 of the Planning Statement was incorrect.  The PC will respond to DDC accordingly.



Cllr. Church raised the following items:-

Putting books into the Telephone Kiosk for use by the residents.  This will be an item on our next Agenda.

Useful information can be found in the Parish Magazine that can be obtained from the Village Shop.

Possible purchase of land opposite Heronsgate.

The problems that Hang Gliders are causing by flying over East & West Stourmouth in relation to noise and privacy.


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