Minutes: July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in The Rising Sun on 10th July 2017

 Present: Councillors:

Mike Coleman (Chairman)

Chris Leaper (Vice-Chair)

Nick Church.

Janet Jeffrie

KCC Cllr. Sue Chandler

12 Members of the public.

Pat Coleman(Clerk),


No changes to declarations were made.

CO-OPTION to the Parish Council.  Sheila Bligh had shown interest in becoming a Councillor and after the statutory advertising time given by DDC and consultation with them Sheila was duly co-opted onto the PC after unanimous agreement.


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to Councillors and were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

All Agreed.


VARIOUS POTHOLES: Various pot holes have been reported to KCC although not all have been repaired.


 DEFIBRILLATORS:  Budget provision has been made. It was agreed that there was a need to purchase at least one of the units.  The provision of an unmetered power supply to the bus shelter was being explored. ONGOING Vice Chairman.

 TELEPHONE KIOSK AT WEST STOURMOUTH – The Council now owns the kiosk and the equipment has been recovered.  It will require some repairs and refurbishment and Bill Bligh has agreed to assess it.   The Clerk is in possession of a paint kit. Insurance of the Kiosk is covered.  ONGOING

AREA AROUND THE NOTICEBOARD:  There is still some work to be carried out. ONGOING

SPEED LIMITS: Enquiry to KCC about reducing the speed limit in School Lane and Church Lane.  Awaiting a response.  Sue Chandler asked for copies of the previous correspondence be sent to her – Clerk ONGOING



Disabled friendly footpath across the list.

Bench on The List – Mick Bowers has offered to provide a simple wooden bench.  ONGOING.


Fault Number: PROW301222: A further blocked footpath. ONGOING

Footpath PROW289975: EE131 broken posts.  ONGOING

West Stourmouth Broken Sign Post: This will again be reported to KCC.  ONGOING.

Following a query by a member of the community Cllr. Church provided a very comprehensive report which clarified the responsibility for clear footpaths, stiles and by-ways.


Various items of correspondence had been circulated to Councillors before the meeting.

A letter had been received and there was some discussion regarding speeding vehicles.  Members of the public were reminded that the Council had previously discussed and pursued options without success.  The situation will continue to be monitored.


Sue Chandler outlined the money allocated by DDC to improve disability access.  She also outlined the ongoing discussion about social and council housing.  Sue also outlined various actions by KCC in the district.


Cheques paid since the last meeting:

Eric Fewkes – £135.00 Internal Audit fees.

Cheques needing Authorisation before the end of the financial year:

Stripy Lawns – £86.00 for Churchyard mowing.  Proposed that both be paid. Cllr. Church – Seconded Cllr. Jeffrie.


Payments for authorisation.

  • Stripy Lawns £94.60. Churchyard mowing. Proposed Cllr Coleman, Seconded CllrJeffrie. Agreed.
  • KALC £21.35 Purchase of Good Councillor Guides. Proposed Cllr. Leaper, Seconded Cllr. Church. Agreed.
  • Petty Cash £100.00 Proposed Cllr. Church. Seconded Cllr.Leaper. Agreed
  • Donation to the Rising Sun Proposed Cllr. Church. Seconded Cllr.Jeffrie. Agreed.
  • Came & Company Insurance £435.62. Proposed Cllr. Leaper. Seconded Cllr. Jeffrie. Agreed.


No planning applications had been received.


There are still some issues with overgrown hedges in both East and West Stourmouth. We will monitor and if no improvement KCC will deal and the cost will be down to the owner. CLERK

It was suggested that our meetings change to the 3rd Mondays every other month so that our District Councillors do not have to attend another meeting after ours. All Agreed.