2017-2018 Expenditure items over £100

  2017/2018 Parish Council expenditure items over £100 02-Jun-17 AUDIT COSTS £135.00 22-Jun-17 KALC £154.82 18-Jul-17 INSURANCE £435.62 05-Sep-17 STAFF COSTS £175.00 20-Oct-17 STAFF COSTS £700.00 14-Nov-17 DEFIBRILLATOR £1,881.60 21-Dec-17 KIOSK REPAIRS £300.00 13-Mar-18 DEFIBRILLATOR £1,881.60 16-Mar-18 STAFF COSTS £764.00 22-Mar-18 STAFF COSTS £191.00 28-Mar-18 BENCH £359.20 04-Apr-18 DEFIBRILLATOR INSTALLATION £391.27

Minutes: Extra Ordinary Meeting January 2018

MINUTES OF AN EXTRAORDINARY MEETING HELD ON 9th JANUARY 2018 AT MORLAIX, SCHOOL LANE, STOURMOUTH   Present:  Cllrs. Mike Coleman, Janet Jeffrie,  Nick Church and Sheila Bligh. Clerk P. Coleman The current financial position for 2017-2018 was reviewed.  The remaining proposed expenditure left the reserves intact with an estimated roll-over balance of £500.  Key items […]

Minutes: December 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in The Rising Sun on 19th February 2018   Present: Councillors:             Mike Coleman (Chairman) Chris Leaper (Vice-Chair) Cllr.Nick Church. Cllr.Janet Jeffrie Cllr. Sheila Bligh District Councillor Trevour Bartlett 8 Members of the public. Pat Coleman(Clerk),   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST No changes to declarations were made.   DISTRICT […]